I need to find ways to detect overshoot lines (such as flyovers, over/underpasses) in road network to validate topological connections.

I suppose there are two approaches; the one is "detecting overshoot links" and another is "generating nodes at the intersection of overshoot links" as illustrated below. I think the latter may be easier.

enter image description here

I think detect dangles in topology checker may be one of the solutions, but as my network contains huge number of centroids, this function generates lots of points which are topologically correct. I also found a similar question at Finding intersection topology errors in QGIS but it requires a manual process. I want to avoid a complicated process as I have several road networks which requires the same validation again and again.

Is there a more efficient way to generate nodes on the overshoot lines?

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    You might look at the v.clean tool in the GRASS section of the Processing Toolbox. Perhaps the SAGA split lines with lines is worth a look.
    – John
    Jun 9, 2022 at 13:22


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