I'm trying to create a web map that highlights chemistry sampling data for my organization. Each station point has several "chemistry parameters" that needs to be displayed in a "bar chart" format.

The issue I'm running into is that the Arcade expression I used in ArcGIS Pro where I created this map is not being honored once it's shared as a web map.

Is there a process / workflow to include an Arcade expression for modifying symbology?

I just want to understand how to best approach this.

Attached is the data table I'm working with, a screenshot of my webmap, and a screenshot of the ArcGIS Pro symbology that I would like to re-create for the web map. The Arcade expression that worked on ArcGIS Pro was this (using the symbol property connections)...

var offsets = {
        "Chlorinated Hydrocarbons": 0,
        "Inorganics": -10,
        "PAH": -20,
        "PCB": -30,
        "PBDE": -40,
        "Pyrethroid": -50,
        // and so on
    return offsets[$feature.parameter]

enter image description here

enter image description here

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When you publish make sure you uncheck the Use symbols compatible with all clients. This will add the info required to handle the complex symbols with the primitive overrides. helphelphelp

One thing you will notice - the labeling in Map Viewer / 4.x JSAPI is a little more aggressive and doesn't follow the symbol override placement. You will have to either increase spacing between symbols or symbol heights and/or do symbols left to right placement. Web map is on Online with the same name but with Russ1 at the end :)


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