I'm helping out a small non profit. They are collecting some simple data using a Google Docs Form. The need to collect exact latlong (upto 5 meters accuracy is fine).

Ideally the end user would click on a map and that lat-long would be submitted along with the rest of the form.

I have seen the mapbox blog talk about this here. But that is using the mapbox API.

I was wondering if there exists a ready made template to collect the point on top of Google Maps. I don't want to spend half a day converting the mapbox sample to Google Maps API, and then find out that something already existed.

So Is anyone aware of template where a point was collected from Google Maps in Google Forms?

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If Google docs is using googles web Mercator projection and accuracy in the range of +-5m is needed you should read this to understand this aspect of your challenge.



Don't know about Google maps but you might try something like itouchmap.com or mapcoordinates.net. Also Excel has a mapping plug-in. I haven't used it for quite a while but I think you can get coordinates outputted to a spread sheet. Search for "Excel Power Map"

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