Alright, I'm going to start by using Google Earth terminology because that's where the original need for a solution came up. I have multiple paths (54) that I want to merge into a single path.

Using QGIS I converted to .shp file, but it still maintained the 'feature subset'. So next question - within QGIS does anyone know of any easy way to merge the features of a single shp file?

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You can do this with the Ftools plugin. Choose singleparts to multipart and select your shapefile:

enter image description here


I had this same problem. I solved my problem by writing a utility in C.

It expects a KML with all your path segments in proper order and only segments to be merged. It will flip segments as required for a best fit, producing a KML with the combined path.

It can be found on Github at the URL below.


I hope this helps,


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