I have loaded a table into CartoDB with a column for latitude, longitude, date/time and a number.

CartoDB says that the data is georeferenced by the designated columns but when I open the map, I see nothing but the base map. My data is not being displayed.

Can someone tell me some basic mistakes I might have made?


It sounds to me like you have not "georeferenced" your data correctly to make it spatially enabled. Take a look at the Georeferencing on CartoDB tutorial to show you how to turn your Lat/Long into spatial features.

Alternatively, perhaps you have:

  1. Mapped the wrong fields (lat -> long, and long -> lat) during the georeferencing process, or
  2. Have not included the correct negative signs if your data is either in the Southern Hemisphere (negative Latitude) or Western Hemisphere (negative Longitude)
  • The OP did mention that the data is georeferenced (at least CartoDB says so). Maybe it's lying? :) – blah238 Apr 22 '14 at 22:14

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