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Use this tag for questions about the Attribute Assistant add-in for ArcGIS Desktop

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Converting ArcMap DynamicValue rules to Attribute Rules in ArcGIS Pro

I am slowly migrating my work processes from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. One of the hold-ups for me is that I have a large table of Attribute Assistant rules in ArcMap that make inputting of utility data ...
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Attribute Assistant - Incorrect Increment Value

I'm using Attribute Assistant to generate an ID using the GENERATE_ID method. Instead of incrementing by 1, the value increments by 2 every time. The log file shows a curious thing: Field Name: ...
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One to Many Relationships concerning Attribute Tables and Domains in ArcMap

I am drawing in and inventorying signalized intersection assets and when it comes to the conduit and wiring some of the conduits (most) have 2+ cable/wire conduits in them. For example, the record ...
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Attribute Assistant-Dynamic Value Table-TableName Values- Expressions ValueInfo

I am having a problem populating an ID attribute "GISOBJID" which is a string in a versioned SDE data set. The AUTONUMBER I want to combine "ASSETID" works fine for everything , but I want to combine ...
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Using Attribute Assistant's Autonumber or GenerateID tools in a versioned environment

Is there a workaround for using Esri's Attribute Assistant's Autonumber or GenerateID in a versioned environment without creating duplicates? re: Attribute Assistant and Versioning could Python ...
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Attribute Assistant not showing errors

I am using the Attribute Assistant extension in ArcMap 10.5 to validate road name data against a Master Street Names table using the method 'VALIDATE_ATTRIBUTE_LOOKUP'. My issue is that I am 100% ...
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Deselecting original feature from selection of both original and duplicate features?

I have a field which is supposed to hold a unique identifier, however due to issues with Attribute Assistant I have multiple features which have the same unique ID. I want to write a script which will ...
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Removing extra spaces from Attribute Assistant calculation

Using the Attribute Assistant in ArcGIS 10.5, I auto-populate a field called FULLADDR by entering values for the fields below: ([ADDRNUM]+" "+[ROADPREDIR]+" "+[FULLNAME]+" "+[ROADPOSTDIR]+" "+[...
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How to add a prefix to unique ID using Attribute Assistant?

I want to add a prefix to my unique id field; for example, “MH123”. I am currently using Attribute Assistant Tool. How can I edit my Dynamic Value Table to add a prefix to my unique ID?
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Using Attribute Assistant to update field when value in another layer is updated?

I have been searching for an AA method that can update our CP system status field to "UP" in our gas main layer whenever a control point test location is created or modified on that gas main feature. ...
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Attribute Assistant choose GenerateID Sequence Name based on Location

I am trying to set up Attribute Assistant to populate the UNITID field in my Manhole feature class. The problem i am facing is that the county is split up into four regions; NW, NE, SE, SW. and the ...
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2 answers

Problem with an Expression in Attribute Assistant?

I am using ArcGIS 10.3.1 for Desktop in a versioned environment. I am also using ESRI Attribute Assistant to autopopulate fields using a custom expression. My Table Names, Field Names, Value Method,...
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Problem with Attribute Assistant Expression Command

I am using the Attribute Assistant add-in to perform multiple steps when a new feature is created. Two of the important steps are: generate a unique, incremental ID (project ID) and then use that ...
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Splitting lines and assigning two new values

It is my understanding that when a line is manually split using the split tool in ArcGIS 10, the geoprocessing follows a create and copy format, meaning that one new feature is created, while the ...
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ArcGIS Attribute Assistant method not working [closed]

I am using Attribute Assistant for ArcGIS 10.1 and I have some difficulties with a couple of methods. I got the INTERSECTING_EDGE, the GENERATE_ID, and a couple of other simple ones right, but I still ...
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Auto-populating field using spatial location of another feature and its attributes using ArcMap

I am using ArcMap. I want to auto-populate a field based on the spatial location of another feature's attribute. Add a point on top of a building. The point automatically adds the name of the building....
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