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Leaf Area Index (remote sensing)

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Why the value of MCD15A3H LAI is relatively low compared to the actual value?

I want to obtain the MCD15A3H LAI long time series of winter wheat samples and apply Savitzky Golay smoothing filtering to them. However, during the rising period of winter wheat, the value of LAI is ...
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Creating Monthly Mean Composite of LAI using Modis Dataset

I am trying to calculate the monthly LAI composite, but somehow code is not working. Need Suggestions? It shows this error, Line 36: image.get is not a function. // Define the start and end dates var ...
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How to calculate LAI for Landsat image collection with SAVI?

I am a beginner in GEE. I am trying to create a model for SEBAL in GEE. I am stuck in a problem with LAI using SAVI. There is a problem with laio :(intermediate value).subtract is not a function *...
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Quality Control process for MODIS Leaf Area Index in GEE

I am trying to mask certain features from MODIS LAI image such as cloud cover and image quality. MODIS LAI has two quality control measures - FparLai_QC and FparExtra_QC. I tried doing it with the ...
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How can I extract monthly average value from the Leaf Area Index (LAI) of set of points?

I'm trying to get the monthly average value of the Leaf Area Index (LAI) between 2016 to 2019 from a set of sample points (n = 25) imported via Assets. However, when exporting the LAI values extracted,...
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Can't open LAI file from Copernicus

I downloaded the LAI file from Copernicus: ““ I set the wk and recall the library (raster) to create a RasterLayer object in R: > LAI <- raster("...
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My EVI index code doesn't work properly [closed]

My code for computing EVI index in google earth engine show EVI amounts for some dates very high or very low. I don't know what to do with this issue: //landsat8 EVI_2013_2020 var landsat8forEVIKoohin ...
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How do I run Panoply (from NASA GISS) on Windows 10?

I am unable to run Panoply (from NASA GISS) to view NetCDF files. When I try to run it, it tells me that I need Java Runtime Environment 9, but the latest version of JAVA from the Oracle website is 8....
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Time Series Extraction of Modis LAI product (every 3 days a new satellite image) in small study area

At the moment I am struggling with a time series and the extraction of MODIS LAI data. I am using the band "Lai" from MODIS/006/MCD15A3H. My study area is small, so presumably, since the ...
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MODIS Quality Control in QGIS

I have to process 46 MODIS MOD15A2H images (leaf area index) in QGIS 2.12 Lyon. I have to clean the images from bad pixels using MODIS Quality Control. Is there any method to automate the process for ...
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How to calculate LAI (Leaf Area Index) using Remote Sensing? [closed]

I am new in remote sensing, and I would like to ask the community what are some good methods to calculate the Leaf Area Index (LAI) using Remote Sensing Data, for agriculture mostly applications.
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Using Quality Control process for MODIS Leaf Area Index?

Anyone can help in explaining how I can apply Quality Control (QC) for MODIS Leaf Area Index (LAI) to extract the valid pixels of LAI using ArcMap?
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Conversion problem of projection of MODIS LAI from sinusoidal to geographic

I am trying to change MODIS data's (LAI) sinusoidal projection to geographic. Actually I did it. But when I reproject it by ERDAS, the output LAI raster moved about 10 km to west side of actual ...
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