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Superoverlay is a stand-alone Google Earth application for tiling raster datasets and creating view based regions in KML or KMZ files.

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GDAL KMLSUPEROVERLAY erases part of the tif boundary and the results are voxelized

I am using GDAL 3.6.2 to convert TIFFs to KML views. The output results will have two issues: 1- A small part from the image boundary will be missing in the output KML. Around 10 pixels from the ...
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KML raster not showing images when using another users machine

I have converted some geotiff's into raster KML file packages, (which consist of a KML file and two folders - images and files). I have created these KML's as superoverlay KML files. I am able to ...
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gdal_translate GeoTIFF to KMZ results in transparent image

I know this has been asked before but I have tried just about every post I've found and nothing seems to work. I have a GeoTIFF where areas outside the dataset have been set to nodata When I open the ...
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Global Mapper (improving KMZ quality):"raster_export-KMZ" batch script creates a poor quality .kmz compared to the "raster export - KMZ" manual comm

I'm sure it's something I'm missing... In Global Mapper (GM) I've got my workspace loaded.. and I run a script that does nothing more than "EXPORT_RASTER" to KMZ. The orgin rasters loaded in GM will ...
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Google Earth Issue Adding Overlay - Unknown error on image ingest

I'm trying to add a .tif into Google Earth Pro as a superoverlay. The file is a large island survey I georeferenced in ArcGIS, and I'm trying to preserve its high quality and coordinates. When I try ...
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why is map tiling computationally intensive?

I recently starting using (and its parallel implementation) to generate tiled images from raster datasets for kml interpretation and I'm shocked by how computationally intensive the ...
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Convert a KML ImageOverlay to World Files with GDAL

I have many raster outputs from an Open Source radio transmission topographic path tool called SPLAT, georeferenced in KML image overlay format. I have figured out an easy way to use tools to ...
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Convert multiple GeoTIFF to one KMZ

I am using GDAL to convert GeoTIFF to KMZ. I am using the following command: gdal_translate.exe -of KMLSUPEROVERLAY *.tif out.kmz If I have one TIF file in the folder, it works ok. If I have more ...
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