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for questions related to The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) data. Launched in 1997, TRMM provided critical precipitation measurements in the tropical and subtropical regions of our planet.

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How to assign CRS to Raster layer obtained from .HDF in R

I obtained monthly TRMM data (TMPA/3B43) from here. It is in .HDF format for each month. I need it for other algorithm in R that uses netCDF file on yearly basis, so I wrote a code that reads .HDF ...
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Dictionary.get: Dictionary does not contain key: precipitation

I am trying to get 3 hourly rainfall data for my region using TRMM/3B42. There seems to be an error but I am unable to find it. var rain = ee.ImageCollection("TRMM/3B42").select("...
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Projection of TRMM in dictionary

I am trying to extract the 24 hour precipitation data of a given polygon by creating a dictionary . I have gotten results but i'm not sure if the parameters I have inserted in the reducer are correct. ...
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Filter an imageCollection by a given month for a range of years in Earth Engine?

I want to filter TRMM precipitation data for a defined region and specific month, for example January, over 10 years. To be clear, I only want observations referring to January for each year in a ...
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How to rotate rasters with GDAL, QGIS or GRASS GIS

I need to rotate raster files from the TRMM Multisatellite Precipitation monthly product 3B43. For some unknown reason, this data comes rotated 90 degrees clockwise, meaning that the y coordinate is ...
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TRMM 3B42RT product has no Coordinate Reference System?

When I download TRMM precipitation product 3B42RT.2016010100.7.7day and when opening it in QGIS the raster has no CRS and is seen in another place with a smaller resolution, I already tried ...
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What's the timezone of 3-Hourly TRMM Data?

I am using google earth engine just to print the timestamp here of TRMM Data. I am using the geometry of a part of Chennai which is in India. // Filtering Data with Date and Geometry var Data1 = TRMM....
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Precipitation data raster

I'm using the TRMM 3B43 precipitation data. I have downloaded individual NetCDF files depicting yearly accumulation in mm for each year from 2000 to 2015 (16 files). I have imported each file into ...
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Making QGIS interpret coordinates as long-lat instead of lat-long?

I am working with the TRMM 3B31 files on precipitation provided by NASA. When I load them on QGIS selecting the WGS84 projection together with other shape files the maps are displayed vertically, i.e. ...
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Converting binary TRMM to GeoTIFF using R?

I´m trying to convert a binary image of TRMM satellite to Geotiff format using this R code: setwd("C:/Users/Hugo/Desktop")<-"C:/Users/Hugo/Desktop/3B42_daily.2013.04.22.7.bin" trmm....
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Reading binary rainfall data (*.trm) in ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have some *.trm binary data that is merged Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) rainfall data. I have to read it through ArcGIS for Desktop to extract rainfall data from this.
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