I'm using QGIS, but not for a long time. I'm editing and saving shapes and geotiffs. And I'm happy how this works. I'm wondering if there's a way to import and export metadata ISO 19115, while saving and loading files. In a way that it is stored, together with the shapes or tiffs? I hate to loose the connection between data and metadata. Can this be done?

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There is an extension that works with ISO 19115. It is called Metatools. You can import/export an .xml file, view, edit and validate it. It also recognizes the metadata-file when opening a shapefile.


The GeoCat Bridge QGIS plugin is the answer to your question:

GeoCat Bridge offers a one-click publishing experience for QGIS Desktop. Create great looking maps and publish them to GeoServer, MapServer and share via GeoNetwork opensource metadata catalog. Your data is uploaded as a GeoPackage or shared PostGIS database. GeoCat Bridge brings our celebrated symbology output to the QGIS Desktop to share your cartography online.

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