Referring the document at Tilerserver I am using my local tileserver-gl-light but my label are not rendered correctly. Label appears as {name:latin}{name:nonlatin} or {name:en}{name:nonlatin} refer the screenshot

Label appears as {name:latin}{name:nonlatin} or {name:en}{name:nonlatin}

This happens only when I change the style to http://localhost:7070/styles/osm-bright/style.json whereas If using the default https://openmaptiles.github.io/klokantech-basic-gl-style/style-cdn-undecorated.json it works fine.

Am using ol v4.3.1 and olms.js v2.6


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It seemed that 'text' parameter to the fromTemplate function in olms.js is passed with 2 objects {name:latin}{name:nonlatin} and the match() function fails to find it. I modified the my olms.js file to and now I am able to see labels of point entities, namely City, Town, Locality names

function fromTemplate(text, properties) { // hardcoded to show only 'name_int' text = "{name_int}"; var parts = text.match(templateRegEx); if (parts) { var value = properties[parts[2]] || ''; return parts[1] + value + parts[3]; } else { return text; } }

but still I am unable to display labels on Road/Street. As suggested by @scai would post the query on https://help.openstreetmap.org/ to get a better solution which fixes for point, line and polygon labels.

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