I have an ArcGIS File Geodatabase, and I know that there is a featureclass within it.

If I type: ogrinfo myfilegdb.gdb it lists the featureclasses within it.

I now want to just find out what are the field names & types of the Featureclass within it.

I looked at the documentation, and it says that -so should be used:

Summary Only: suppress listing of features, show only the summary information like projection, schema, feature count and extents.

But when I type: ogrinfo -so myfilegdb.gdb, It just shows me the listing of featureclasses & does not show me the schema.

How do I see the field names & types of the featureclass?


Just giving -so is not enough. You also need to specify the featureclass name.

If you type ogrinfo -so myfilegdb.gdb Export_Output where Export_Output is the name of the featureclass, then you should see all the summary of this featureclass.

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