We are using Ubuntu Linux 16.04, Geo-server war file 2.14.1 & Tomcat 8.5 (64 bit)

We have configured Geoserver in tomcat and trying to configure MrSID & ECW plugins

Steps Completed :-

1.GDAL ver. 1.9.2 installed

2.Geoserver Stable Plugins are added respective directory

3.Set an reference path's in Ubuntu Linux

4.Followed this steps from Geo-server site

5.Now MrSID extension works fine and for ECW extension shows error "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error' what(): basic_string::_S_create" & geoserver stops

6.Researching on this & it looks like its not supporting for latest Linux version as pre this link (because if its not working for QGIS then doubt it will work for geoserver)

Tried this question and its steps

7.Is their any license required for this ? (reference site)

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Sunil, yes, you have to pay a licence so Hexagon corporation in order to legally use the ECW decoding libraries on a server (they are free for desktop usage instead).

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