I am trying to export a map from Google Earth to Cloud storage with Export.map.toCloudStorage:

    image: myMap.visualize(myMapVis),
    description: '123',
    bucket: 'bucket',
    path: '01',
    scale: 500

When the task is finished not all tiles are exported. If I zoom out to 0, then I see the whole layer, but when I zoom in a bit I only see some region. It feels like map reduce job that is producing a map was dropping results from some nodes. Does anyone had similar problem? Is it solvable?


If you do not specify region, the current view in the code editor will be exported. In other words, set an argument 'region' which is a geometry you would like to export.

region (Geometry.LinearRing|Geometry.Polygon|String, optional): A LinearRing, Polygon, or coordinates representing region to export. These may be specified as the Geometry objects or coordinates serialized as a string. If not specified, the region defaults to the viewport at the time of invocation.

  • Kuik, thank you very much for you reply! how can I set whole world as a region? – Yury Chernushenko Jan 21 at 12:40
  • Zoom out, draw a polygon of the world and use that? However, I guess you will have to increase the scale drastically to make a runable computation. – Kuik Jan 21 at 12:45

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