Is there a way to distort the size of polygons proportional to their population size (as in column in the attribute table)? I want to create a map that looks similar to this:


the cartogram2 plugin works with small datasets, but trying to make the same for all regional units in Germany (around 400) QGIS crashed with this report:

h2. User Feedback

h2. Report Details

Crash ID: a6e72007607c25de38558d32493d43e2f01c1ba4

Stack Trace

PyInit_sip :
PyInit_sip :
PyFrame_New :
PyObject_Call :
PyInit_sip :
PyInit__core :
PyCFunction_FastCallDict :
PyObject_GenericGetAttr :
PyEval_EvalFrameDefault :
PyObject_GenericGetAttr :
PyEval_EvalFrameDefault :
PyErr_Occurred :
PyFunction_FastCallDict :
PyObject_CallFunctionObjArgs :
PyObject_Call :
PyInit_QtCore :
PyInit_QtCore :
PyInit_QtCore :
PyInit_QtCore :
PyInit_QtCore :
QMetaObject::activate :
QThread::started :
QThread::start :
BaseThreadInitThunk :
RtlUserThreadStart :

QGIS Info QGIS Version: 3.2.1-Bonn QGIS code revision: commit:1edf372fb8 Compiled against Qt: 5.9.2 Running against Qt: 5.9.2 Compiled against GDAL: 2.2.4 Running against GDAL: 2.2.4

System Info CPU Type: x86_64 Kernel Type: winnt Kernel Version: 10.0.17134

Update: When trying a different number of iterations than the default (10) in cartogram3 it works! I tried 5, 8 and 15. All gone well.

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You need the cartogram3 plugin - once installed simply select your layer and press the button.

Cartogram of US States over unmodified layer

You can then style it like any other layer.

enter image description here

  • Thank you Ian :) it worked for small datasets, but trying to apply to all regional areas in Germany QGIS keeps crashing
    – Boudy
    Feb 22, 2019 at 11:42
  • you'd need to talk to the plugin devs for that I'm afraid
    – Ian Turton
    Feb 22, 2019 at 12:03

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