I have a QGIS project containing two multipolygon layers: 2010 Census block groups and Parcels. Each layer is in a separate shapefile.

enter image description here

The thick-lined layer represents block groups. The thin-lined layer is parcels. The block group layer attribute table shows that each block group has a unique ID.

How do I output the number of parcels in each block group into a spreadsheet-style format? Is it possible in QGIS or must I choose another program?


Steps I would take to solve this problem assuming the block groups is a separate file to the parcels:

  1. Add a field to the parcels polygons call it whatever you want
  2. Calculate that new field in the parcels table to equal 1
  3. Perform a spatial join between the block group is joining the parcels and the 'SUM' statistics button is selected
  4. export the spatial join output to a .csv file

    spatial join tutorial

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