I created a point layer from a line using Vector geometry/Extract vertices in the Processing toolbox.

The purpose is to extract the elevation from a DEM into the points corresponding the vertices and then into the line layer.

I managed to get the elevation values on the points but I can't really figure it out how to add the values to the vertices in the line layer.

My final objective is to export a LineString geojson file containing the x, y, z values. There might be easier ways but I couldn't find any so far.

P.S. I created a z value field in the line layer, just need to copy the values from one layer to another.

enter image description here


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You can get Z-values directly from your raster using Menu Processing / Toolbox / Drape (set z value from raster). This will output a new line layer: a copy of your initial line with z-Values for each vertex:

enter image description here

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