I need help from stackexchange because of a DEM correction problem...

I have a DEM with a 5 meters resolution where one of the main river is cut by a large highway. In order to delete that topology error I'm looking for a method for burning the river in the DEM.

After looking at tutorials I've tried "r.carve" (additionnal stream depth = 10 meters) but even thought it happened to have corrected my DEM, the flow accumulation in this area is very discontinuous...

What is the problem here?


cathment area

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    I find looking at your DEM in hillshade mode can help to see if the carve function worked. I usually just use fill sinks because it doesn't really matter in my analysis but it looks like there is a SAGA alg called Sink Removal that may do what you want as an alternative to r.carve.
    – Baswein
    Jun 4, 2020 at 17:14
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    @Baswein: I used the fill sinks function before running "r.carve" but actually I should have done it after ! I completely forgot that I had to renew that process after having modified my DEM ! Thank you for the hint !
    – Linda
    Jun 4, 2020 at 21:04

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If I were you I would rather use Fill sinks (Wang & Lui) after using r.carve !

Make also sure that your vector and raster layers have the same projection.


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