I am working in OpenLayers plugin in QGIS. In order to project the satellite image with respect to vector shapefile I have, Andre Joost suggested me to create a vector grid with CRS system of vector shapefile. As suggested I created grid.

Now my problem is this:

Am I able to clip the vector grid shapefile with the satellite image obtained?

  • Please clarify: Do you want to clip the vector or the raster? – underdark Jun 29 '13 at 7:05

Use Raster -->Extraction-->Clipper and in Clipping Mode: Select masklayer


The openlayers plugin is not handled like a raster layer in QGIS, so that kind of raster clipping won't work.

You can make a screen copy of the openlayers plugin layer with Save as Image ..., and load that as a raster layer.

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