I am trying to create OpenLayers vector features based on WKT strings that I retrieve from a MapGuide server. I have successfully gotten the proper geometry to be rendered, but I do not know how to handle the SRS WKT string. As a result, the vectors are being placed in the north end of the DR of Congo rather than eastern Pennsylvania.

I was able to retrieve the SRS WKT string:


What would be the best way to handle this? The base map is in EPSG: 900913.


Turns out my issue was with OpenLayers silently failing when attempting to transform the vector features to the proper projection as a result of proj4js not being properly referenced.

I was able to find the proper originating projection from spatialreference.org and get the projection code to base the transforms on.

I also discovered that spatialreference.org has no official record of EPSG:900913 (which I expected) or EPSG:3875 (which I did not expect). I needed to use EPSG:3785 which I thought was deprecated.

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