I want to open a "Raster Dataset" in QGIS. In ArcMAP I can just add it like shown in the Screenshot (only the raster shows up).

Screenshot 1

If I am trying to do this in QGIS. However there I don't see the raster files itself. I find three files (.ovr, .aux, and .ovr.aux.xml) and a folder (with .adf files inside it). How can I open the raster? enter image description here

A similar question was already asked here and here, but never really answered.


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"In QGIS you can simply open the file w001001.adf using the normal ‘add raster layer’ dialogue. You may have to change the symbology in the raster layer properties (double click on the just imported layer in the Layers panel), try e.g., the pseudocolor Color map." - found here


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