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Dividing polygons into *n* number of groups of equal counts with ArcPy?

One of my tasks for work is to divide parcels into groups. These groups will be used by agents to talk to property owners. The goal is to make the agent's job easy by grouping parcels that are near ...
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Graph/Network building and analysis of linked polygons in ArcMap

This is more of a follow-up question to Dividing polygons into *n* number of groups of equal counts with ArcPy? and Grouping village points based on distance and population size using ArcMap, ...
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Grouping points to clusters containing similar number of features using QGIS

The question Using QGIS, how to cluster unevenly distributed points from the same layer to groups of about the same size / containing the same number of features? The problem I have a large point ...
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r - Create grid (or polygons) over shapefile that vary in area but equal in number of points encompassed

I am using R's various spatial analysis features. I have data from a number of sampling locations throughout Africa, distributed unevenly. For several reasons, it is of interest to break our Africa ...
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How to create Polygons of a specific size?

I'm trying to create polygons of specific size in square meters that represent the areas surrounded by roads. The roads are stored in PostGIS as points / lines. If required, I can convert the data to ...
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Clustering Technique?

I have the following 9 clusters (each colour represent the appropriate cluster): I am looking for a clustering algorithm (if any) that would achieve "realistic" results. The data represents ...
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Dividing polyline layer in clusters with specific requirements in ArcGIS for Desktop?

For my work in ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop I need to divide line layers into clusters/groups. Currently I am doing this manually, but I like to automate this. The line layers can consist of 50 up to 2500 ...
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Merging adjacent polygons to one which sum of attribute values of adjacent ones is between 1000 and 2000?

I have a huge number of polygons that contain attribute field that represent number of offices inside each polygon. Now I want to merge all adjacent polygons which count (sum) of offices values is ...
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Split Point Layer into even sized cluster

I want to cluster many points (around 1.000) into even sized groups (13 points each group). There is no attribute defining that groups, it should be grouped based on spatial distance. I tried to work ...
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Finding geographic median in ArcGIS Desktop?

Is it possible to split the total population in 501 polygons, each polygon with a different number of inhabitants into two North/South sub-areas with roughly the same number of inhabitants in each sub-...
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Cluster points into evenly numbered groups

I need to take x number of points and equally/spatially divide them into groups. Meaning that if I had 40 points like in the image below and wanted to have 4 groups of points. Each group should have ...
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Merging adjacent polygons with aggregated sum beeing inside a certain range

The data I have a polygon layer with polygons (download the data here) of different sizes as can be seen on the screenshot. Each polygon contains a value for the attribute called count. The range of ...
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Evenly assigning attributes to layer of points using ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a layer of point features at fixed locations. One of the fields in my attribute table has two possible values (lets say they are "a" and "b"). How can I modify this attribute as needed in order ...
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Clustering based on eqaul populations

I have a map of a city that is divided into 65 sectors (building lots in purple, sector boundaries in red): In my shapefile of building lots, I have an attribute that is the total population within ...
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QGIS cluster points based on similar sum // maximum treshold of an attribute of each cluster

I need to cluster point layer features based on an attribute so each cluster has a similar total sum of this attribute values: E.g. I have generated 1000 random points with values between 1-100. Task:...
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