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.accdb is a file extension for a Database file for Microsoft Access 2007+ Database (Open XML).

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Connecting QGIS to ODBC database (MS Access *.accdb) [closed]

Has anybody managed to successfully connect to open a MS Access *.accdb database from QGIS using ODBC? All the Q&A, tutorials, guides and videos I've found work with *.mdb files and ESRI ...
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Secure ArcGIS connections to Access .accdb?

With ArcGIS is it possible to secure connections to an Access 2007+ format database tables? At Connecting to a 2007 Microsoft Access database (.accdb) in ArcGIS it says "if the database has a ...
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Joining MS Access (accdb) table to Feature Layer in ArcGIS for Desktop?

I would like to join a table from a microsoft access database (.accdb) to a featurelayer in ArcGIS 10.1. How do I associate tables from that database with existing layers that have a matching ...
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How to Export Datalayer to Access 2010?

I'm working with ArcGIS v10.1 and MS Access 2010. Can you export a datalayer directly into Access 2010 (.accdb)? This was possible under using older versions of ArcGIS with Access 2003. I created a ...
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Editing 2007 MS Access *.accdb using OLE DB connection?

Can you edit a 2007 MS Access .accdb file format using the OLE DB connection? I have made the connection using the following: Connecting to a 2007 Microsoft Access database (.accdb) in ArcGIS I can ...
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Opening local *.accdb file through ArcGIS API for Flex button?

I have a web mapping application created with the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex application builder. Is there a way to create a button that will open a local accdb file? I dont want to connect to MS Access ...
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Converting ms-access database into easy to use spatial database

I've recently come into ownership of an MS-Access database (2007 accdb), which I want to be able to use in a GIS. I know a little bit about GIS (I've used QGIS and ArcGIS quite a bit) but very little ...
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