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Back-up Feature Services with a script

Goal: I want to create copies of feature services and save them in a FGDB in a network folder on my machine. The overall purpose of the script is to have back-ups of my authoritative feature services ...
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QGIS 3.10 .qgz~ backup file

I noticed that xxx.qgz~ (BackupVersion) is no longer saved with this version. My research found that a backup file is still being created. All of my projects with this version did not create any. Is ...
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Any potential problems backing up open GeoPackages using Python routine

I'm looking at creating a simple backup routine, using standard Python, to backup my GeoPackages. The routine needs to be flexible enough to be able to backup the geopackage, whilst it is open (in ...
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FME: How can I use File Copy Writer to periodically copy new data within my project folders to a server?

All I want to do is copy a set of folders (and sub-folders) under a 'Projects' master folder on my laptop to the server. I want to automate this so it runs every hour or two and only copies new files ...
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Which is my Oldest File Geodatabase backup?

I have made several backups over the years of our Enterprise Database. Sometimes I want to see some historical aspect of the data. I just realized that what I had been thinking was the oldest backup ...
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Is there any way to recover data when a .qgz file will not open?

I saved my QGIS project as a .qgz file and then my computer crashed (however I can't confirm that the saving had completed successfully). After restarting the computer, however, the .qgz archive no ...
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Automatically backup from qgis to pgadmin

I have got postgres (pgadmin 3) + qgis link. And I think about next thing: how i can work with postgis layers, in a way that, backup file of my spatial database will created automatically for example ...
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Nightly backup using Import XML Document arcpy ERROR 000791 [closed]

I'm having some trouble using arcpy.ImportXMLWorkspaceDocument_management to import an XML document into a file geodatabase for a nightly backup routine. The code for the import is as follows: try: ...
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Backup GIS data on postgis database from pgadmin3

I am using a postgis database with qgis and managing it with pgadmin3 I have already investigated the backup/restore options within pgadmin 3 and done one test run on one database I am wondering if ...
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Removing existing backup layers and renaming current live layer in ArcSDE

Looking at the attached screenshot of Catalog, there are the file "CRT_CANAL" and many backups. The aim of this code is deleting old backups in the ArcSDE database, renaming the existing "CRT_CANAL" ...
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Using Python to backup ArcSDE geodatabase on SQL Server Express?

Is it possible to use Python to do a backup of ArcSDE databases stored in SQL Server Express? I have been using a custom executable that uses Arcobjects IDataServerManagerAdmin.BackupGeodatabase() ...
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QGIS auto backup... is there one I can set?

I see QGIS makes a backup of the last manually saved project. But how about a timed interval that automatically makes backups as I work. Just had a QGIS crash dump, lost lot's of work. Can't save ...
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Sync a file geodatabase from a portable hard drive to mother database on my main computer

I have several file geodatabases to which I routinely add new data generated in the field. To accommodate the mobile nature of this data creation and maintenance, I am working off of an external hard ...
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Verify Geodatabase Integrity?

I'm regularly backing up an ArcSDE Geodatabase. The backup is done by using arcpy.Copy_management to copy datasets from SDE to a local File GeoDatabase. How can I verify the integrity of the back up ...
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Backup/Restore ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 site that is federated with Portal 10.2.2

Is it possible to backup and restore an ArcGIS Server site that is federated with portal using a domain certificate (in other words a certificate that is not CA-signed)? I am attempting this directly ...
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postgresql export database by command or pgAdmin III [closed]

I want to export my postgresql db with pgadmin. I search all of its GUI, I also searched the web and I don't find some sueful information. I know how to import the db into postgresql: create a db with ...
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Alternative backup File or Personal Geodatabase

I'm wondering if there is a way around or an alternative way to backup a File or Personal Geodatabase. For example: If I have a very large dataset within the File or Personal Geodatabase and I want ...
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Backup in Mysql periodically

I have trouble scheduling a backup in mysql periodically, most of the tools do not recognize the geometric field, for example navicat which says Can not get geometry object from data you send to ...
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Copying ArcSDE geodatabase to file geodatabase using ArcPy?

I would like to make an exact copy (domains, feature datasets, feature classes, etc.) of an SDE database to a file geodatabase. I have tried several possibilities, including: using the Copy (Data ...
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GIS data backup strategy

Is there any backup strategy for GIS data? Say .mxd, shape files, data base connection files, feature layers, geo-database etc. According to ideal methodology: 1.On external hard drive : best to ...
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