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Questions tagged [erosion]

Erosion is the process by which soil and rock are removed from the Earth's surface by exogenetic processes such as wind or water flow, and then transported and deposited in other locations.

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Take information from point along coast and make it inland

I'm trying to create a map in ArcGIS Pro using the National Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping Dataset. The dataset shows the likely amount of erosion (metres) at each point along today's UK coastline. I'm ...
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Methods available in GIS to calculate Relief-Length Ratio [closed]

Relief-Length Ratio is used in Sediment Delivery Ratio calculations, which in turn is used in soil erosion yield calculations. Relief-Length Ratio has been described in different ways in the ...
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Calculating the Linear Erosion Rate Between Two Rasters in R

I am trying to determine differences in erosion rates based on vegetation type in wetlands. I have two raster layers based on NDVI that allow me to assess broads changes in the vegetation over time. ...
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arcpy: RUSLE S value - Set null in raster is not setting values to null

I have a slope raster spatial dataset and want to calculate the RUSLE equation's S value. The challenge is that for values with slope gradient <= 9% I have to apply the following equation: S = 10....
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LS Factor in SAGA (slope units)

In which units do I have to calculate Slope to use as an input for the LS Factor tool in SAGA (degrees, %, radians)? I couldn't find anything in the documentation.
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Classification erosion - semi-automatic classification plugin

I get an error when working Classification Erosion tool in Semi-automatic Classification Plugin (SCP). I use QGIS v3.2.2 and SCP v6.2.4. The tool is not changing the pixels of the raster layer and ...
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Calculating slope/gradient from longitude and latitude

I've recently got some field erosion data. The only geographic data I have is the (lon, lat) (in degrees). I need to plot the erosion against the slope, however, I do not have the slope yet. Is it ...
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Minimum wall-thickness of a non convex polygon with holes

What is the most efficient way to find the minimal wall-thickness (value and location) of a complex, non convex polygon area including holes? See example of a polygon in blue, with the minimum wall-...
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How to define pour points from a stream network at a barrier for watershed calculations?

I'm looking for a way to check if cells from one raster file have contact or get close to cells from a second raster file. For example the blue raster is a barrier and the coloured is the flow ...
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Calculating slope length using LS-tool [closed]

Does anyone know how to get LS-tool mentioned in Zhang et al 2013. I tried ...
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Extract representative slope profiles from hillslope polygons

With the help of the Whitebox Geospatial Analysis Tools I was able to easily extract hill slopes from a river network in combination with a flow direction map. Now I would like to extract ...
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How to produce a hazard map using slope and geology information

for my project I need to display a landscape's susceptibility to erosion. I created a slope-map out of my DEM and added the bedrock geology as a polygon-feature shapefile. Now I want to tell ArcGIS ...
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How to compare outputs of erosion from ArcSWAT and RUSLE from ArcGIS?

I calculated water erosion in ArcSWAT and I also calculated erosion by RUSLE equation in ArcGIS. Now I need to compare these two (from ArcSWAT I used SYLD- assumed ...
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Calculating changes in slope angle between cells/areas using ArcGIS Desktop?

I am doing an estimation of erosion with ArcGIS. I use the UniversalSoilLossEquation (USLE) for this. Now, i want to calculate the L-factor of this equation. I need the FlowLength for this. My ...
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