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Maritime routing considering high detail depth data

I'm looking for ways to find routes between points considering high detail depth data. In the screenshot I presented here the size of the depth polygons can be down to a few square metres. My overall ...
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Plug in / API for getting sea routes with leaflet

I am developing a maritime routing application prototype with Leaflet.js for my company Deep Blue Globe and using the windy interface. The problem is since windy uses Leaflet version 0.7.7 there are ...
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How To Create "Boating Time" Areas -- ArcGIS [closed]

I'm fairly new to GIS, and I would like to create what I'm calling a "boat time area". Similar to a drive time area, it would give an area of all the places a boat can be in a given amount of time, ...
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Looking for world maritime boundaries in Geojson

I would like to use leaflet in order to display the world maritime boundaries (12 nm and 24 nm). Is there a reliable geojson source that I could use? If no geojson data is available, I am ready to use ...
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Maritime zones information?

What is that borders in the water on OpenStreetMap maps? Is this some of maritime zones? Is this "territorial waters", i.e. 12 nautical miles away from borders? What is between islands? Where/how ...
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Global shipping network datasets for download?

Does anyone know if global shipping routes for free download (preferably ESRI shapefile) exist? I would need them for my research only as a background presentation on the world image. They can be ...
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Are there any large maritime data sets? [duplicate]

Needs to have from port, to port, and time stamps for each (arrival, departure times) Is there a dataset with all of this, or will I need to combine some other ones?
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Correcting polygon geometry so edges can be reshaped to match that of subsequent layer in ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have two layers; a polygon layer representing maritime boundaries/economic areas of countries in the world and another polygon layer representing all countries but with a detailed coastline. In the ...
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3 answers

What are the existing datasets of world maritime routes?

I have a list of cargo ports of all over the world and need to show some port-to-port trips on a map, and also to compute lengths of these trips. For that, I need a dataset of actual maritime routes (...
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What is the coordinate system of this maritime natural gas field map?

The Israeli Ministry of Natural Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources published a maritime map of the borders of a new natural gas field. The map is a part of a full license (PDF), a legal ...
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