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YouTube is a video-sharing website.

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Using PyQGIS 3 in Visual Studio Code

I did all the steps in the video below: When I run the full Python file, it throws this: ...
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Adjusting the map ratio in such a way that Time Manager videos are consistent with YouTube resolution formats

I've recently made a time lapse video depicting migrants deaths in the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding areas in 2020. It was made in QGIS by means of the Time Manager plugin. I've uploaded it here ...
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Adding Video to CartoDB

I am trying to Add a layer with Youtube in the info window as follows HTML <div class="cartodb-popup v2"> <a href="#close" class="cartodb-popup-close-button close">x</a> <...
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Embedding YouTube on CartoDB infowindows

I am embedding my CartoDb as follows $('#map').ready(function(e){ cartodb.createVis('map', '//', {https: ...
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Embedding YouTube videos in CartoDB infowindows?

I need a tutorial for how to embed YouTube videos in CartoDB Editor infowindows. Most help I can find about this is about iframes which were apparently disabled for security reasons. What do I have ...
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Embeds with iFrames and Scripts in CartoDB InfoWindows

How is it possible to embed content — like YouTube-Videos, Twitter-Tweets, Facebook-Posts, Instagram-Photos or any other kind of embeds — into a InfoWindow in CartoDB? In my Dataset there is a row ...
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Custom info window code to display youtube videos no longer working

We have some info window code that displays youtube videos that just stopped working. We haven't made any changes and the videos in the info windows had been working great. Anyway, we used the ...
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Can I upload a video file to embed in a custom infowindow in Cartodb? [duplicate]

I want to embed video clips into custom infowindows in Cartodb, and I know how to do this via a youtube link, but is there a way I can embed a video from a file I have saved on my computer? Or does ...
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How do you embed iFrame content into a CartoDB infoWindow?

All, I'm trying to embed Youtube videos and SoundCloud audio clips into a CartoDB infoWindow. I'm trying to do this by simply using the {{embed}} column and entering it into the custom infoWindow ...
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