I have some weather stations that receive and publish precipitation data every day. Then I have polygons (can be center points if necessary) that correspond to interest areas.

I want to estimate the precipitation for each area with the stations within a maximum buffer of the center point.

It's not possible to use the default interpolation tools because the stations not always surround completely the polygons.

Any idea to solve this problem?


I would do a spatial join of the points and the areas, joining the area of the polygon to the point, and then create an extra attribute multiplying the precipitation/m² and the total area(m²)


In FME the NeighborFinder transformer will tell you the nearest station to each polygon, and the PointOnAreaOverlayer transformer will tell you which stations fall inside a polygon.

If you want to interpolate a value then I think the best thing is to create a surface model (use the SurfaceModeller transformer) draping the polygons onto the surface generated by the weather stations. You'll have to first make sure the stations are 3D points with Z set to the precipitation (3DForcer transformer) then you'll have to fetch the Z values from the draped polygons (CoordinateExtractor transformer).

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