I am trying to populate fields with attributes from my feature layer service hosted on ArcGIS Online. I am using the JavaScript sample template available on Survey123 Connect and following along with the Working with web services section of this blog post about the pulldata() function.

When I use the web service url provided in the template my survey works as expected (populates fields with attributes of the feature that intersects with the geopoint). When I try with my own url from ArcGIS Online nothing happens. Am I missing something when publishing my layer as a feature service? It is shared with my organization and I am signed-in to Survey123. My URL looks like this: https://services6.arcgis.com/1QLe7xIMQ0LfJiB1/arcgis/rest/services/XXXXXXXXXX/FeatureService/0

  • Any luck with this one? I'm having similar issues with that function...works for other layers but not my published datasets.
    – Afidus
    Commented Dec 14, 2023 at 16:05

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Although a bit off-topic, please note that you can save yourself some time if you consider using Javascript, that Javascript functions are disabled when used outside your organisation or used on a public (non-login) survey.


Javascript is not required anymore:

The pulldata("@layer") function was introduced with Survey123 version 3.16 (October 2022). It allows you to query an ArcGIS layer and retrieve data from it ... [and] simplifies the syntax for querying ArcGIS layers, and it can be used in public surveys too!

Source: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-blog/survey123-tricks-of-the-trade-pulldata-quot-layer/ba-p/1224415

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