I am trying to use SAGA to triangulate a set of .las files I have. I have tiled them using LAStools, since the single file was too big for my computer to handle. I wonder, can I use the saga_cmd grid_gridding "Triangulation" for multiple files, or do I have to process each individually? And I want tif files based on the Z-value, where do I specify the Z value? Is it the -FIELD Attribute?

I have found very little information about the cli scripting of SAGA, are there any book available on the subject?

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Yes, you can use saga_cmd grid_gridding Triangulation in a batch file, just like all the other modules. If you want the result files based on the Z-value, you have to specify in the -FIELD attribute.

For a quick example of batch file in SAGA, just type:

saga_cmd -b

All you have to know about the use of SAGA command line (and not only) is described in "Automation of Workflows with SAGA - Command line scripting in a nutshell" of Volker Wichmann. For instance, here you will find:

  • SAGA | CMD Scripting Example Windows – batch_example.bat (slide 14)
  • SAGA | CMD Scripting Example GNU/Linux – bash_example.sh (slide 15)

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