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For Questions which are specific to the country of South Africa.

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Coordinate conversion from Cape Datum to WGS 84

I am working with old borehole coordinates in the Mpumalanga region in South Africa. I suspect the coordinates are referenced to Cape Datum (Clarke 1880) before the Hartebeesthoek 94 datum was ...
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Importing shapefiles made up of .adf files to ArcGIS Online

I am trying to download this shapefile and get it into a format that ArcGIS Online will accept. The shapefile is primarily made of .adf files.
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Seeking SA Suburbs GIS shapefile?

Can you provide a link to the South Africa Suburbs shapefile or specifically to the Umgungundlovu District Suburbs shapefile? I have browsed the demarcation board but it is not available on http://...
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Format and coordinate flip of the Projected Hartebeeshoek Coordinates?

Could someone please explain (or point me to a place that explains) what the coordinate system for Wg23 (Hartebeeshoek Lo23) should look like on a map? There is a coordinate flip that constantly comes ...
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Creating a custom CRS for the South African coordinate system (SACRS) in QGIS?

My question relates to creating a custom CRS of the official coordinate system used in South Africa, called SACRS. The SACRS is a projected coordinate system that must be referenced to BOTH the "...
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Data flips N/S orientation when projecting from GCS WGS84 to PCS Hartebeesthoek94/LO25

I need to populate area field for a property layer in South Africa, but to do so I have to project the data from WGS84 to Hartebeesthoek94/LO25, a standard projection for South Africa which is ...
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Coordinate system for South Africa

What coordinate System can I apply to South Africa in GE Smallworld 5.1?The CS units should be in meters. 1.I understand that the datum used is 'hartebeesthoek_1994' , Is it necessary to create '...
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Importing South African NGI OSM imagery xml file now unsupported by QGIS

Here in South Africa, at our very small company, we often make use of this simple xml file (downloadable from to link to this imagery: ...
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How to read info from the CRS? [duplicate]

I'm struggling to understand how the geo projections work in practice. The info a the CRS is as follows: {'ellps': 'WGS84', 'no_defs': True, 'proj': 'longlat'} Does it mean that the coordinates are ...
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Choosing CRS to use for South Africa that will give map scale in meters in QGIS?

This has been a constant source of frustration for me. I can't seem to always get my map scale in meters in QGIS, even if I use a CRS that has map units of meters, e.g. Alberts Equal Area and others. ...
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Choosing coordinate system to use in South Africa?

What are the principal datums and projections used in South Africa including the names of geodetic datums and their projections?
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Geocoding South African Addresses in ArcMap?

I have about 8,000 addresses to geocode in South Africa. I haven't been able to find an address locator in ArcMap that works (trying to use the 'world places' address locator in ArcMap 10 gives me a "...
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Finding spatial data on Enumeration Area boundaries from South Africa 2001 Census?

I am trying to locate spatial data for the boundaries of South African Enumeration Areas (EAs) from the 2001 Census. The links to the data from the 2001 census on the Statistics South Africa website ...
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Where/how to find ortophotos

I am very new to Geographic Information Systems. I have a very basic inquery; How do I get hold of the newest ortophoto of South Africa to use as a background map for my GPS data? I'm using QGIS but I ...
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Neighborhood boundaries and building footprints for Johannesburg?

Are there any sources for free (or commercial) and distributable neighborhood and building footprint datasets for Johannesburg out there? I've already looked on: Google OpenStreetMap ...
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What does coordinate system WG 21° mean?

I have a land survey document for a piece of land, it contains absolute coordinates that I would like to locate on google maps, but I don't know how to correctly interpret the data. What does the "...
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