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As this answer points out, if you use sf, you can use st_area to get the area of each polygon, then order the polygons based on area with forcats::fct_reorder. Something like this should work: US %>% st_as_sf(US) %>% mutate(area = st_area(geometry)) %>% mutate(region = region %>% forcats::fct_reorder(-area)) %>% ggplot() + geom_sf(...


Working with an outline of Pakistan from the GADM data: p = raster::getData("GADM",country="PAK",level=0) p is a SpatialPolygons data frame in lat-long coordinates. You should convert this to a proper equal-area projection but EPSG:3857 should be close enough: pp = sp::spTransform(p, "+init=epsg:3857") Now chop using the code you pasted in your question. ...

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