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I found that issue posted by me is a duplicate of this one: Empty vector menu in QGIS 3.0.0 . Mentioned ticked includes solution. As far as i know this bug still occures. Additional solutions may be find here: .


This error was due to the wrong geometry of features in the layers layer1 and layer2. I validated all the geometry of the features and came to know that. The algorithm works fine now.


Most definitely there is an End Of Line issue in the CSV file. I would guess QGIS is on a Windows machine, and the CSV only has Carriage Retruns (CR) or linefeeds (LF), while it need both (CR+LF, or 0x0A + 0x0D). A simple fix is to convert all line breaks of the CSV file into CR+LF. Luckily it is an easy operation, and there are tons of options: Under ...


An alternative method could be to add the Set style for vector layer tool at the end of your model which should apply the specific style to your final output.


If you mean the Identify tool, the source code is on GitHub.


Good question. It is not obvious, but you need to copy your script algorithms to a specific folder to make your standalone script able to run them. You can easily see where your script algorithms should be located by adding a couple of lines to your standalone script: from processing.script import ScriptUtils print("Folder for script algorithms:", ...

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