I have a table of 150 records which I was able to geocode except for 21 points. I'm able to manually geocode the rest of these 21 points. Every time I add the point, it creates a new row (which I know is normal). Is it possible, however, to add the point to an existing row? I have 62 fields in my attribute table, so I'd like to avoid copy and pasting.

Here is what my table looks like (This is is a copy of my attribute table exported into excel): enter image description here

So far, I've created a shapefile with all the the unmatched points plotted with an ID number as the only attribute. I was thinking that I could add the ID number to the my already geocoded data and join the two sets together.

  • Have you tried editing existing features instead of adding new ones? Please edit your question to explicitly describe your procedure. A screenshot or two wouldn't hurt. – Vince Oct 26 '15 at 17:05

If you made the ID numbers carefully to match the original shapefile, a Join can help (or this if you work in python). I recommend to use the Export feature after everything together.

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