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Questions tagged [business-analyst]

A specific Esri extension for ArcGIS dealing with business related analysis tools.

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Use TomTom Data as Network Dataset to Calculate OD Cost Matrix Distance and Time

I am stuck in with configuring a network dataset using TomTom data. I used to rely on the Routing_ND network dataset provided by ESRI Business Analyst to perform OD Cost Matrix analysis. Now I am ...
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ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail

Application: ArcGIS Pro 2.8.3 Tool: Remove Overlap (Multiple) Analysis and Business Analyst Feature Classes: Both polygon and overlapping Method: Center Line Coordinate System: WGS1984 (Both layers ...
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Open ArcGIS Business Analyst Vector Tile Service in QGIS 3.14

Don't even know if this is possible, but I am trying to open up a Vector Tile Service that is subscription content I have through Esri Business Analyst Online. I am able to open in ArcGIS Pro (of ...
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Passing field variable as distance with Drive Time Trade Areas using ArcPy with ArcGIS Pro

I have a dataset of 600,000 records where I need to calculate a drive time that is different for each based on model that estimates the actual/variable drive time needed at that location. Within ...
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Comparing ESRI Demographic Data from different years

I have in my possession ESRI Demographic update data for multiple years: 2013/2018, 2014/2019, 2015/2020, 2016/2021, 2017/2022. I am currently trying to see if it is possible to compare each of these ...
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How to query a specific race/age profile from Census data?

I want to count Asian males, 15-30 years old by Census Tract. I can get the data sorted, but I don't know how to make a Boolean type of query (i.e., race is Asian AND sex is male AND age is 15-30). I ...
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Seeking suitable software for business analysis using Huff model? [closed]

I have a GIS background though have bin in another field for 3 years. Recently I have joined a project with an expansion goal in which I am expected to use gravity model like Huff model. I have ...
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Shopping Centers Database by Center Type

I am trying to find a free database which would have the shopping centers in US by center type (i.e. outlet, mall, strip). Could you please advice? I checked BA Desktop but our version does not have ...
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Using arcpy to create a layer from business analyst dataset

I'm trying to automate several of our processes using Python in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3. At least one of these tasks involves running a query against block group data provided by Business Analyst (BA)....
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Customer prospecting for United States within specific drive time using ArcMap and Business Analyst

I have a set of demographic variables that I want to use to identify areas within United States that meet this criteria. I have used the customer prospecting tool in Business Analyst but the issue ...
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Calculate Customer Derived Trade Areas?

I have ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 with Advanced license and access to Spatial Analyst. I do not have access to the Business Analyst Desktop extension, and Business Analyst Online does not have this ...
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Unemployment analysis [closed]

I have been tasked to make a map or some sort of analysis that analyzes the spatial relationship of a certain ethnic that has high unemployment to areas that have potential employment opportunities. ...
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How do I not specify a CustomerWeightField when scripting CustomerDerivedTA_ba?

When you run the Business Analysis toolbox wizard for creating a Customer Derived Trade area, you have the option of weighting each customer by count or for specifying a field (such as sales or number ...
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Overlapping transparent polygons won't darken

A client of ours wanted a map showing the 5-mile and 10-mile radius around business locations today and specifically requested that the overlapping transparent buffer radii grow darker with each other ...
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Seeking alternatives to Business Analyst, AnySite/MapInfo, and Sites To Do Business? [closed]

This is a very general question and I hope it is ok. I've been "Googling" and can't find much. I work at a shop that currently uses MapInfo + AnySite to do real estate site analysis. I generate ...
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Alternatives to ESRI Business Analyst

Does there exist any other software than business analyst that can do store-level trade area analysis without much programming overhead? I am particularly interested in: Creating customer-derived ...
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Looking for Ocean Dataset

This may seem like a very simple request, but does anyone have or know where I can get a shapefile of the ocean around the US? The only thing I can find within my ArcGIS BA is the ocean background, ...
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Why does "takes no arguments" error propagate from Arcpy example?

I was attempting to run Setup_Customers_Using_Tabular_Data , I modified the paths to fit my environment but when I run the program I receive SetupCustomersByTable() takes no arguments (6 given) ...
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