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The QGIS2web doesn't support to display other widgets than "Fields". The HTML widget is in the "Other widgets" group. Notwithstanding in inconvenience, the HTML widget is something, which we can develop on your own both in qgis2web.css and qgis2web.js files. We just need to replicate the CSS code, which we used for our HTML widget ...


For a static image, you can try the following. Note that I am using an absolute local path with 3 slashes. <div>Image: <img src = 'file:///D:\temp\50k.png' width='300' height='225' alt='Alias Name'></img></div> For a dynamic image, you need to build the path. In my example the field photo contains a path like D:\temp\50k.png <...


In case it helps someone, this can be done using QWebEngineView from Qt.

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