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Vector Tile Service VS. Feature Service

Feature return vector feature, it's like regular connecting to a database or datasource but over the web. Vector (or as in the slide and more accuratly "Vector Tile Service") return a vector ...
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WMS is for raster... What is for vector layers?

WFS. Web Feature Service would be the vector equivalent of WMS. For tiles vectors there is vector tiles, which can be served through TMS. For example with GeoServer:
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Should I use different projections to calculate distance and displaying on the Map?

From what I can gather of your question, you are mixing the display of the map with the output of the calculations, which will be a table. ...the output of the query... is tabular?? Use the ...
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1 vote generates wrong tiles / MapTiler the right ones

This question is a bit old, but there's now an "official" solution to this problem. Since GDAL version 3.1, now includes a --xyz option. (For a full list of options see this ...
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