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Many points with labels are not possible. Test with 7500 points: Labels with cluster are possible/labels without cluster are not possible. Test with 26.000 points: Labels with cluster are possible, but a little bit to slow for users/without cluster is not possible. My result: Do not use labels. It is normal for users to click to get informations. Maybe you ...


Your dataset is simply too large to be running smoothly. Setting scale limits won't help, because the whole dataset is loaded to the browser in any case. Unless you are able to reduce the size of the file (remove unnecessary features, minify GeoJSON in the settings and reduce precision as you've already done) I would say that you should look into other ...


This doesn't always work, but if you just have the tile images and no other information, you can feed them into Image Composite Editor and it will align and combine them (usually).

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