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You may use the Elevation tool for ArcGIS Pro available in the ArcGIS Marketplace. It is especially suited to compare profiles from different DEM, for example, to analyse the evolution of the elevation over time.


Since the distance is "short", I believe you can approximate a flat earth and use Pythagoras's theorem. I use this simplified calculation regularly at work to check accuracy of angles coming out of Laser Rangerfinder units, etc, but typically I look at distances of at most a couple of hundred meters. I guess it depends what accuracy you are ...


What does "lowest point of elevation" mean in this case? How complex is the elevation dataset? Your ditch might be "locally" lowest, but not globally for your dataset. Like MrXsquared mentions, you'll need an elevation raster instead of a set of contours. You can either create this from your LiDAR data directly, but luckily there's a QGIS ...


Here is a solution using SRTM Data: First, install SRTM-Downloader Plugin for QGIS and create an account for "Earthdata Login" at Start the Plugin, choose your desired extent and click "Download": Once the process is finished, merge them to one big raster, you can join your points with. Go to &...

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