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Remove annotations

A very fast way to remove all the annotations from your project is to use a PyQGIS script in the QGIS python console. the script is manager = QgsProject.instance().annotationManager() for i in manager....
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Exporting Annotation data from DGN to shapefile

Convert to geodatabase annotation using right click Use Add geometry attributes tool to add EXTENT or CENTROID. This will populate table with one or two pairs of coordinate. Export annotation table to ...
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Creating grid annotations (reference grid) using QGIS

A lot of tourist maps use this kind of annotation scheme with a reference list at the bottom stating which places of interest are located in which grids (Examples here and here). To add sequential ...
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Is it possible to hide map annotations?

Toggle the Text Annotation function in the toolbar and press Ctrl + T to switch it on/off: EDIT: The above keyboard shortcut only affects text annotations. There is the experimental Annotations ...
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Accessing and interacting with widget of form annotation using PyQGIS

My understanding of QgsFormAnnotation class is there is no way to set form (Qt Designer UI) other than by using function setDesignerForm which sets it from file path given. So to do adjustments to the ...
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Removing annotation layer according to data source using ArcPy gives NameError?

It is better to ask if the layer supports dataSource, then set it. There are lots of layer types and only a few support the dataSource property. Your code is just skipping group layers. Try ...
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Reverse Engineering Movable Labels in ArcMap?

Your labels are not actually labels, they are annotation. You are dealing with annotation created in the map document, rather than in a geodatabase. Open the data frame properties to view all of the ....
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Find source of annotations in order to delete in QGIS

Using at least QGIS 3.22.x, if you double-click the annotation, you will find a delete button at the bottom of the window where you can delete the annotation. It works with Text annotations. For ...
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arcpy CopyFeatures_management fails when trying to copy annotation layers

You can not write annotations to the in_memory workspace. See here and here. example..
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Is it possible to hide map annotations?

you could also use an annotation layer: In the Annotations Toolbar click "New Annotation Layer". If you already have annotations use the "Transfer annotations from main layer" ...
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Changing font size of annotation class in ArcGIS Desktop?

Congrads for moving from labels to anno. First rule, store anno in a File GeoDataBaSE not THE mxd. It makes it easier to share and move to other projects. The MXD also opens quicker as it's not as ...
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Labelling a rubber band (QgsRubberBand)

The recent addition of the annotations feature in QGIS 3.22 allows to place labels anywhere on the map canvas. Most importantly it allows placing labels at an angle which doesn't seem possible with ...
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Subscript label for nautical notations

I solved it like this. It's not elegant, but it works. The label displays a value called "VALSOU" Set labels to "rule based" Made two labels: 1 called "whole", 1 called "decimal" no expressions set ...
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Subscript label for nautical notations

Progressing from Albert's comment if you separate the whole and decimal numbers as separate attributes you can duplicate the layer and have both parts as font markers which will allow you to colour ...
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Adding annotation programatically in QGIS 3.10

To add the annotation to the canvas, you should use the QgsAnnotationManager. In your case, you could replace the last line of your code with QgsProject.instance().annotationManager().addAnnotation(...
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Feature linked annotation not added when new features are drawn

I have ran into this problem before and this seemed to work for me. The SQL Query is exactly what's stopping the annotation from getting created. The ...
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Annotate a Line that is Split Into Multiple Segments With an Annotation for Each Segment

You can choose to place one label per feature part by changing the Duplicate Labels option in the Placement Properties menu of the Label Manager: for more info:
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Feature linked annotations not updating when editing attributes in features?

Esri indicates that edits made outside of the existing geodatabase tools could result in unexpected behavior. "When a composite relationship is established between two objects, as in the case of ...
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How to change default annotation properties in ArcMap 10.4?

I would use ArcCatalog instead of ArcMap to change properties Close all instances of ArcMap the are connected to the Anno. Open ArcCatalog and connect to the Anno Feature Class Then right click and ...
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Multiple leader lines on one annotation (non feature-linked)

I do this all the time, using a rather crude workaround, but it works. I create multiple annotations on top of each other and point each to where I want leaders. I then tweak size and drawing order to ...
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in Arcmap can I save a graphic line pointer within annotation?

Yes you can. Add your annotation layer into your map and start editing (selecting your annotation source if required). Now from the Draw toolbar, select Drawing > Active Annotation Target > [Name of ...
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Iterating extraction of polylines and annotations from CAD to Esri Geodatabase

Typically when I want to convert AutoCAD files I use the CAD to Geodatabase tool. So you could use an iterator to cycle through a folder of DWG files converting them into GeoDatabase FeatureClasses. ...
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Using Shapefile with Annotations in QGIS?

I was able to solve my problem by doing the following: In the Labeling tool under the option "Placement" I selected the Placement "Free (slow)". This seems to almost work perfectly.
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Labelling using Python Parser in ArcGIS Desktop?

So, it depends. If you need the labels to look different (one needs to be green text, another large bold black), or if you need to manage label placement properties (one needs to be above a line the ...
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Exporting Labels to Annotations using ArcPy?

I think I found the answer to your question is in this documentation : # Script variables mxd = ...
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Error with Annotate Selected Features in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2

The Annotate Selected Features tool was only added to ArcGIS Pro at 2.2. To use this tool you'll need to update from 2.1.2 to 2.2 or newer. Reference:
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Subscript label for nautical notations

One idea would be creating a point layer of your labels. The regular underlined value would be a label and the subscript could be a font marker. You can create an expression in Character(s) to input ...
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Programmatically removing Annotation items crashes QGIS 3.10

You just need to move your marker = QgsMarkerSymbol.createSimple({"size":"0.1","color":"blue"}) declaration within the loop (tested). Then when cleaning, no ...
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One label with different fonts

There is no simple way of doing this, but a possibility is to use the idea from the accepted answer for QGIS Labels with HTML formating. You need to set the value as '' (an empty string). The size ...
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Thousand separator in QGIS for numbers with 5+ digits

I think this is a region-related setting. You could try changing the region or formatting your number as a string (we need more context to see where the number is located on the map). Here is how you ...
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