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How to write Con expression in Raster Calculator

It looks like you are trying to save a raster layer to a database with a comma in the name of the file. Remove the comma from your file name. See this link for naming conventions in ArcGIS Pro. https:...
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Raster Calculator Python Error 00539 for friction surface

When creating raster data in geodatabase, you do not need to add file extension such as .tif. This a mentioned in the help of Create Raster Dataset: When storing a raster dataset in a geodatabase, do ...
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Raster calculation with multiple rasters using ArcGIS Desktop?

I used the same formula as yours and it worked without any problem: I used ERDAS Imagine Format (.img) for my input and output raster calculation to avoid the limitation of 13 characters in ESRI GRID ...
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Distance Accumulation script execution in ArcGIS Pro

Along with what @Vince said about using the faster modern cursors, here are some first thoughts: You are saving your rasters as ESRI grids, it's possible that the full path name you build is ...
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RuntimeError: ERROR 010240 in Con operation in arcpy

Al last I solved the problem! But waiting for more elegant solution, hope esri nerds can help. My understanding that solved the problem: Use separate scratch and output work-space Using ...
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ArcGIS Raster Calculator won't work in main model

I"m guessing the issue is the temp workspace. Check that the file geodatabase "C:\Users\Mattias\Documents\01_UNI\Diplomarbeit\GIS\DATA\data_out\scratch_IV.gdb\plus_ras" exists.
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Error 010240 while running cell statistics operations

Two things that I would check are: First change: ws="E:\Karun\MTech_Project\MB_RasterAnalysis.gdb" to: ws=r"E:\Karun\MTech_Project\MB_RasterAnalysis.gdb" I think there is a good chance that ...
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Error 010240: Can't save my con statement as a tiff?

Make sure your output path is correct (i.e. you can't save tiffs to a GDB). You have a number of errors in your code, try the following: actualrd = Raster('actualrd.tif') #Make template a Raster ...
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Arcpy batch raster reclassify script unable to save

As noted here you have to specify output raster format: When you name your output raster dataset, specify: .bil for Esri BIL, .bip for Esri BIP, .bmp for BMP, .bsq for Esri BSQ, .dat for ENVI, .gif ...
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