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Creating a unique ADDRESS_ID has been our key tool for evaluating geocoding. Then, when you geocode from multiple sources, you can evaluate the distances between the different providers by joining the two tables back to each other on the ADDRESS_ID, and in our PostGIS system, use ST_DISTANCE() to calculate the distance between the various geocoded points. ...


Republic of Ireland unfortunately uses their own solution for postal codes called Eircode, which has closed source and working on it directly comes with some license fees, that aren't even publicly listed on their website. I have done some research and found small database that's good enough for most use cases database of postcodes (grouped by routing keys) ...


If you aren't comfortable guesstimating based on the building addresses on the street, try looking in the local county or municipality geoportal for some sort of grid of address ranges. For example, the image below is a screenshot of the address grid of points from Pima County.

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